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A group of clans battling each other for Rank one
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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Wed Feb 20, 2008 10:43 am

Work In Process)

Welcome To Battle Grounds, we ask that all visitors and members follow these rules to ensure everyone enjoys themselves while online with us.

General Forum Rules

* Have FUN!!!!!!!!!!
* This is a community of mature gamers, please act accordingly.
* The intention of this website is to act as a community of friends, please treat people here with the same respect you yourself expect.
* Personal attacks will not be tolerated, this includes but is not limited to malicious slandering of other members or their family.
* Keep Discussions Friendly, No Open Arguements, Threats or Harassments will be tolerated.
* Posting of political, religious, sexually discriminatory, or racially sensitive material is not allowed
* Do not post unsolicited ads or advertise for other websites in your posts or signatures.
* Trash Talking for the sole purpose of starting up trouble will not be tolerated. Good natured trash talking between friends is another story, keep it fun and friendly.
* You will not use Akillese to host images or any material for another website, do not steal our bandwidth.
* You are only allowed one account at a time, please notify an Admin if you need to change your username or login information.
* You must be atleast 13 years old to use the website.
* Any material not safe to view at work should be noted as such, if you're not sure play it safe.
* No explicit sexual material allowed.
* This forum is a privledge and not a right, if you abuse your privledges they will be taken away from you.

Your Account

* All we ask is that you post at least once a week to ensure that the forum is being used.
* Failure to do the above could result in your account being deleted.
* If you have joined and wish for other players you know to join us then please contact one of the following to ensure that they have there account activated. ( Admin, Mango Basher, Brumakk).
* Members who are under the age of 13 will also have there account removed, unless an adult has informed us of there wishes to participate in the Clan. The Adult will then intern be responsible for the minors actions. If the minor causes any disrepute both accounts will be deleted without notice to both members.
* Administrators have the final word when deleting an account. (Admin, Mango Basher, Brumakk)


* Please limit the size of your signature banners to a max of 500 x 200 pixels.
* If image and text will be used in signature please limit the text to a max of 2 lines.
* Please do not post animated images for signatures.
* Offensive / oversized signatures will be removed by the Admin Staff.

Gaming Conduct

* Please remember that once joining Akillese you represent us at all times. There fore please keep your gaming conduct to one that other players would wish to play with on a permanent basis. Bad conduct during all game play will not be tollerated. You may give us a bad rep when playing clan matches and cause points being deducted or even worse banning from game battles.
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Forum Rules
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