Battle Grounds

A group of clans battling each other for Rank one
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PostSubject: battlefield2   Thu Feb 28, 2008 7:32 am

aswell as getting KUF i aslo got battlefield2 modern combat

its like a mix between COD4 and halo3. as in its realistic but theres that problem with people killing other with tanks and helicopters which got really annoying. another thing that got on my nerves were that NO one talked. and if you took a tank or jeep someone on your team will try and kill you for taking it. I got team killed cause someone thought i was trying to get into a helicopter when i was a sniper, i mean when would a sniper fly a helicopter when they sould be sniping people

i give it's game play a 7
but trying for a team based game... 4 dues to team killers all the time
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